Media Rooms

Enhance your living room and transform it into a state-of-the-art entertainment room.

We spend more time at home these days, and now is the perfect opportunity to make the space as enjoyable as possible. It is time to invest in your home and be the go-to destination to entertain family and friends to enjoy movies, sports, and music.

  • In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

    Effortlessly blend into your decor and can even be hidden from site.

  • Home Automation Integration

    Allows you to control all aspects of your media room from a tablet or smartphone.

  • High-end separate and A/V Receiver

    At the central hub of your audio and video is quality separates and A/V Receivers. Blue-ray, satellite radio, internet services are standard.

  • Advanced Lighting Controls

    Set the mood with the touch of a button: All on, all off, and every combination in-between.

  • Stylish Furniture

    From couches to T/V stands, we provide options to enhance to look of any room.

Media-Room-Detail-1.png Media-Room-Detail-2.png