Home Theater

Experience the quality of a local cineplex in the comfort of your own home

Ever dream of having cinema-quality audio and video without the crowds, sticky floors, and overpriced snacks? Allow us to make your dreams a reality by creating the ultimate movie experience.

  • Quality Projectors

    Projectors are smaller, quieter, brighter, and have better picture quality.

  • Movie Screen Options

    There are many different screen materials to meeet every need.

  • Powerful Surround Sound

    Surround sound processors, and amplifiers drive multiple speakers.

  • Comfortable Seating

    Seating is available in almost any style and size

  • Control at your Fingertips

    Control your entire theater from a tablet or smartphone for the ultimate experience.

  • Lights, Curtains, Action

    The lights dim, the curtain opens, the movie starts with a single touch of a button.

Czar-Audio-Video-and-Home-Theater-Pasadena-Monrovia-Los-Angeles-detail-page-1.jpg home-theater-detail-seating-1.png Czar-Audio-Video-and-Home-Theater-Pasadena-Monrovia-Los-Angeles-detail-page-3.png